CEM Teacher Training School

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Christian Education Ministries (CEM) has served Christian education in Australia since April 2004. A vision to see Christian Education flourish throughout Australia, has meant that CEM now has a group of ten Australian Christian College (ACC) schools, three Distance Education (DE) schools, Australian Christian Home Schooling (ACHS) and SmartPlay Early Learners (Long Day Care) as part of the team.

In 2022, CEM plans to establish a Teacher Training School in partnership with Alphacrucis College (AC), for students who wish to study tertiary studies as diploma or undergraduate courses. The establishment of CEM/AC tertiary courses provides the next step in Christian education. CEM/AC is excited to provide an excellent teacher training course that is online, has a robust academic standard coupled with a strong practical, apprentice-based application embedded in the study package.

Teacher Traineeship

The Teacher Traineeship model flips the conventional model of teacher training, bringing exceptional tertiary education to our CEM group of schools across Australia. The CEM/AC Teaching School will provide a range of accredited courses, including a Bachelor of Education and Masters of Education. The core distinctive of the CEM/AC Teacher Training Course offers students an innovative and dynamic placement program in a CEM school. CEM is committed to offering a limited number of scholarships for trainee positions to students’ seeking to study a teaching degree with CEM/AC each year. Successful scholarship students would study together (online) in a Christ Centred environment, working at the commencement of their degree in the classroom under the guidance of a Mentor Teacher. The Teacher Traineeship model provides practical teacher training that introduces the student into the art and craft of teaching, embedded within the values and Christian ethos of CEM.

"The CEM/AC Teacher Training School is a great opportunity for those students seeking to study an excellent academic course via online learning, combined with the practical opportunities of working in a real classroom. I believe this model provides students training to be the next generation of teachers who will not only have the head knowledge of what it takes to be a great teacher, but most importantly have ‘on the job’ experience. The CEM/AC traineeship hub, prepares students to commence their teaching career as exceptional Christian educators. On the ground learning in a classroom as well as studying in the CEM/AC Teaching School, offers a unique opportunity for those looking to serve Jesus in Christian schools.”

David Fyfe HeadshotDavid Fyfe - CEM CEO

School-Based Training

As a successful applicant, you will be placed in the classroom and partnered with an experienced, excellent Mentor Teacher, from the commencement of your studies. You will have the opportunity to engage with the students and gain experience in supporting a teacher, as well as teaching opportunities in a Christian school from the beginning of your training. It is envisaged you will spend an average of 6 hours or more a week with your Mentor Teacher in the first year and additional hours in subsequent years.

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A Deep and Broad Experience

Engaging with other schools is crucial to your development as a teacher. Throughout your journey as a trainee, you will spend time at a number of different schools. This will include CEM Schools, CEM Distance Education School as well as potential time at schools outside the CEM network.

As a successful applicant, you will have the opportunity to train in small, large, regional, urban and CEM schools in different states. This provides a truly broad and diverse experience that will give great depth in your preparation to be a classroom teacher. It is our desire that all trainees will also engage in national and international mission and service programs.

The Scholarship Program

CEM offers scholarship positions to a select number of successful applicants and includes:

  • A Teaching Assistant position at an ACC school (initially 1 day per week)
  • A financial scholarship to help reduce overall cost of course
  • A MacBook to assist you with your traineeship
  • The intention for employment as a teacher at a CEM School on successful completion of the undergraduate course.

Trainee Teacher Support

CEM/AC students will be supported on their learning journey with a:

  • CEM Teacher Training School Coordinator
  • AC Teacher Training School Coordinator
  • CEM/AC lecturers
  • ACC Mentor Teacher

CEM Teacher Training School Coordinator
The CEM Teaching School Coordinator will liaise and work with AC and CEM schools to ensure that we offer students a supportive and excellent Christian program.

AC Teacher Training School Coordinator
The AC Coordinator will support you with anything relating to the Bachelor of Education program and will ensure that your work is meeting course requirements.

CEM/AC Lecturers
CEM/AC lecturers will provide support and guidance on specific course work as part of your studies. The lecturers follow the endorsed approved courses as part of the undergraduate teaching degree provided by AC.

CEM Mentor Teacher
Mentor teachers are experienced and excellent practitioners who teach from a Christian perspective. The mentor teacher will have regular meetings with trainee teachers where there will be opportunities to ask questions, reflect on classroom observations and discuss supervised teaching opportunities. These meetings will provide a rich, Christ focussed learning experience. The focus of the Mentor Teacher is to guide and support you in your development as a Christian teacher.

CEM Teacher Training Application

Your decision to embark on this journey is important, and we consider the selection of Trainee Teachers to be a two-way process.

The selection process for scholarship applicants involves:

  • Completion of an application form for a CEM Teacher Training School scholarship
  • The opportunity to meet with the CEM Teacher Training School Coordinator
  • An interview with CEM Executive and Alphacrucis College
  • Confirmation of ATAR or equivalent entry for an undergraduate teaching degree (mature aged applicants will have pathways to achieve entry into the undergraduate degree)
  • Notification of offer of CEM teacher trainee scholarship to successful students

Next Step

Our aim is to support you through the enquiry application process, so please don’t hesitate to contact Anna Plant at annaplant@cem.org.au if you have any additional questions.

Interviews are planned for September to mid-November of each year.

Should you be successful, you will be offered a conditional position with the Teacher Training School, on the proviso that you meet the tertiary entrance requirements for the Bachelor Degree. This will generally happen by the 30th November. At this point you will have the opportunity to visit your potential placement school and meet with the Principal. Your first lecture will be held mid-January, and online lectures will commence thereafter. Lectures will be held online for trainee teachers.