The Christian Education Ministries (CEM) board recognised the need to develop an online learning program (commonly referred to as a 'curriculum') that was:

  1. Australian
  2. Up-to-date
  3. Based on the Biblical worldview

In 2009, CEM Online was launched.

Underpinned by a state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS), CEM Online is an online learning community containing teacher-developed courses and student networks.

CEM Online contains Australian content based on the Biblical worldview. Additional content is constantly being uploaded by qualified Christian teachers.

The lessons on CEM Online are in various formats, including videos, audio files and written documents. Furthermore, students are able to network with one another within the safety of a password-protected environment.

For more information, please view this 14 minute video demonstration:

Christian schools that would like access to this dynamic learning program are encouraged to contact us.